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About Our Soy Wax Candles

If you love candles but want an inexpensive, natural alternative to paraffin wax and beeswax, these are the candles for you!

All Woods Imagery Soy Candles are made with vegan soy wax, meaning they contain no animal by-products. All fragrance oils used are paraben and phthalate free. The wicks are paper-core or equivalent, and therefore burn with up to 90% less soot than paraffin candles. The scent also lasts 50% longer when stored away compared to a paraffin!

Woods Imagery Soy Candles are poured in small batches and are made to order for larger orders. They are inspected for burn quality, and only use the amount of fragrance oil safely recommended. Due to pouring in small batches, there may be slight colour differences between batches.